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Citizen Science Project
"Influencer Monitor"

We are pleased to participate in the Citizen Science Award 2023 hosted by the OeAD with our project "Influencer Monitor: Health Influencers under the magnifying glass"


Today, social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have become the go-to sources for entertainment and information. Social media influencers, in particular, have emerged as important content creators on these platforms. While they share valuable information on health-related topics, they are also seen as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, influencers have the power to inspire young people and promote healthy behaviors. On the other hand, they also spread unverified information and promote questionable products.

"Influencer Monitor: Health Influencers under the microscope"

Adolescents know their way around social media platforms and influencers and know which influencers are important in their peer groups. That is why we want young people themselves to become researchers for the Influencer Monitor. As citizen scientists, young people observe the content of the social media platforms they use and collect data on health influencers. In the process, the citizen scientists identify the most prominent influencer among Austrian adolescents and evaluate the disseminated content according to health topics, product placements and potentials for health promotion.

How can you participate in research?

For data collection a device with internet connection (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet, PC) is required in order to access social media platforms and the profiles and posts of influencers. The data from influencer profiles and their posts are collected in an online tool. Therefore, participation is possible regardless of time and place.

Documents and Tutorial for Schools

General project information

Information data collection process

How to handle the data collection tool

Tutorial data collection tool: Link to the video

Prizes for participating school classes

Three school classes can win cash prizes: 1,000€ for first place, 750€ for second place and 500€ for third place. Winners will be selected based on the number of entries and the quality of the data (i.e. is the data complete and error-free).

Participation and further information

If we have piqued your interest and you and your school class would like to get involved and participate in the Influencer Monitor project, feel free to contact us:

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