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About the Project

The project Health Influencers on Social Media (HISM) explores the phenomenon of social media health influencers and their impact on adolescents' health.

The growth of social media influencers presents a significant opportunity to involve young people in health-related discussions, but also poses certain challenges, such as the potential dissemination of unverified information. Further research is required  to study the content and impact of their communication, as they hold a prominent role in young people's lives.

Research goal:
We seek to investigate social media influencers as sources of health-related information, their content, and the potential long-term impact on young people's health behavior and attitudes.

To pursue our research goal, we employ a multi-method approach. This includes a comprehensive literature review on social media influencers and adolescent health, as well as implementing a citizen science study with Austrian adolescents to monitor current influencer communication. Based on the findings of the studies, we will perform a content analysis and panel survey.

Updated on June 2024

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