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Project News

Here, we provide information about our recent publications, presentations, and other project activities

16th November 2023

Presentation at European Conference on Health Communication

Engel, E., Karsay, K., & Heiss, R. (2023) Dietary Supplement Promotion on Social Media: A Content Analysis on Influencer Posts Targeted at Austrian Adolescents. European Conference on Health Communication (ECHC). Nov 15-17, Klagenfurt, Austria.

19th October 2023

Young Science Congress in Vienna

As part of the Citizen Science Award 2023, we hosted a workshop tailored to Austrian students aged 16-18. This engaging workshop not only unveiled the findings of our citizen science study but also encouraged students to share their perspectives on social media health influencers. Moreover, we provided insights into our research practices, aiming to spark the curiosity and interest of young students. We're grateful for the support and opportunity extended to us by OeAD and BMBWF in sharing our findings with our target audience. For additional details, please click here.

14th August 2023

Presentation at Conference on Preventing Overdiagnosis

Heiss, R. (2023) Health Influencers on Social Media: A Challenge for Overdiagnosis? Invited Keynote Talk. Preventing Overdiagnosis 2023, Aug 14-16, Copenhagen, Denmark.

26th July 2023

Journal Article on Sexual Health Promotion on Social Media Published in the International Journal of Health Promotion and Education

Engel, E. (2023). Young peoples’ perceived benefits and barriers of sexual health promotion on social media—A literature review. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, 0(0), 1–20.

28th June 2023

Journal Article on Food Environments Published in Appetite

Gell, S., Pejkovic, E., & Heiss, R. (2023). How (Un-)Healthy are Austrian school food environments? Evidence from focus groups and citizen science. Appetite, 188, 106636.

29th May 2023

Presentation at 73rd Conference of the International Communication Association (ICA)

Engel, E., Gell, S., Heiss, R., & Karsay, K. (2023). Social Media Influencers and Adolescents' Health: A Scoping Review. Presentation to the Health Communication Division at the 73rd annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), May 25-29, Toronto, Canada.

2nd February 2023

Presentation at 25th Etmaal Conference

Gell, S., Engel, E., Heiss, R., Karsay, K. (2023). Social Media Influencers and Adolescents' Health: A Scoping Review. Presentation at the Etmaal 2023, 25th Edition, February 25-26, Twente, Netherlands.

30th November 2022
Citizen Science Award

Our project was accepted for the Citizen Science Award 2023 by the Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD).

15th November 2022

Conference Workshop at the University of Bielefeld
Elena Engel and Sascha Gell presented and discussed their PhD projects at the annual Conference of the
"DGPuK-Fachgruppe Gesundheitskommunikation" at the University of Bielefeld.

21st October 2022

Panel - Discussion at Georgetown University
Sponsored by the Global Health Institute at Georgetown University, this panel provided a platform for a discussion about how influencers may both threaten and promote public health. Featured panellists: Deborah Brooks, Denise Lisi DeRosa, Raffael Heiss, Tarena Lofton, and Leticia Bode (moderator).

19th October 2022

Workshop at Georgetown University

Our research team participated in a workshop on misinformation with other scholars from Georgetown University. The workshop goal was an informed discussion about how to respond to and fight misinformation on different levels. We are currently working on a follow-up publication.

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